Is the Psychology of Motivation Different for Regional Business Owners?

Scott Geller in the very informative TED X video above gives very clear understanding as to what he perceives as the  essential ingredients for self-motivation.

I agree with all of what Scott has to say however, how do you maintain self-motivation with the added burden of being isolated, removed from a group of peers working on a common project, have fewer resources at your disposal and need to make a wage that support your lifestyle as an owner of a Regional Business?

Personally, my strategy for maintaining my own motivation is to surround myself with like-minded people who are on the same page.  They have character traits that include loyalty, persistence, talent, forever learners, courage, solution oriented and entrepreneurial flair.

This means being discerning with whom I share my business adventures and in terms of the ups and downs of business only my inner circle gets to see these.  Why?  The reason is because most of us have a love of gossip (or need to know others business to feel important), to make ourselves relevant, to overcome our own self-doubt and make ourselves feel bigger and better than perhaps we really are.  That sounds harsh, I know and I invite you to check it out for yourselves and let me know.

My Tips for Remaining Self Motivated:

  •  spend time on understanding why your business has a larger purpose than just your success alone
  • meditate, discover the hidden well of magic and guidance within yourself
  • learn how to  activate and utilise your intuition
  • educate yourself in both city and country strategies – get to those seminars
  • decide now, to learn how to be a master at your craft
  • practice your craft, be nimble and adapt to change
  • surround yourself with people who you can be truthful with and won’t judge
  • leave your pride at the door
  • be patient
  • expect success

Please feel free to add any extras that work for you, it can only enhance all of our experiences and of course, only choose what ‘fits’ for you.


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