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The Celebrity Milliner – Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson, the Celebrity Milliner, is one of the most vibrant, community-oriented, and well-liked businesswomen in the Blue Mountains. On most days you can find her working in Christine’s Millinery Studio located above David Rex-Livingston’s Gallery at the bottom of Katoomba St in Katoomba. When she’s not crafting new and wonderful designs in her studio, she’ll be attending a local festival showcasing her stylish hats or running millinery workshops for the public.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Christine. Her business had stagnated and it was time to do something new. A new look for the business  perhaps? That’s when I met Christine, and after some discussion, it was obvious that greater change than a new logo was required. Christine had her business running, lots of followers on her social media pages, her website online, and her tireless work ethic all in place, but they weren’t delivering the results she was seeking. She needed to make a bigger step forward.

Overcoming Your Fears

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Have you ever asked yourself: “am I good enough?”, “how will this impact my relationship?”, “what if I move to a better premises with more foot traffic surrounded by people I resonate with and fail?”, “will I go broke?”, “why don’t I have more customers?”.

These are questions born out of self-doubt and fear – of failure, of rejection, even fear of success. But we have to make some ‘big jumps’ to get over the doubts and fears. Sometimes, you need to be reminded of your brilliance to give yourself a nudge in the direction of better profits.

You may not currently be ‘that person’ who shamelessly promotes themselves on social media, but you must – because you genuinely have a gift to share with the world.

But Social Media alone will not save you.The answer is that unless you are willing to make the ‘big jumps’, sharing a few photos won’t be enough.

A Remarkable Brand

The key to having powerful and profitable multi-platform strategies is to create a “remarkable” brand. I had joked with Christine many times about being ‘The Celebrity Milliner’ because it’s true. Anyone who knows Christine is also aware of her showbiz background including The Lion King, Muriel’s Wedding, Madame Butterfly, exclusive ‘A’ list clients and more.

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The day Christine showed me her new business card with those three words “The Celebrity Milliner’, I knew she was home – not because of where she had come from or who she knew, it was because she had ‘owned’ her gifts and as a result her business is thriving.

When it comes to either our personal or professional brand, so many of us play small. We think it’s more secure, safe, and we’ll get to avoid the experience of failure, rejection and the like. The downside is that we never get to experience the joy of overcoming our inner and outer hurdles that give rise to our soul.

Embrace Yourself

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Photo by Demetrius Washington on Unsplash

The way out is to be authentic, not in some hippy new age sense but to be honest about your achievements. If you are award-winning, you’ve worked with standout companies, made a difference, have experience (or whatever else your ‘remarkable’ is), it isn’t until you fully own that aspect of yourself that your inner diamonds shine. Christine is a great example of this. She put her concerns away and summoned the courage to succeed.

She relocated into an environment that she finds inspiring, at the right price. It’s easier for people to find her due to David Rex-Livingston’s Gallery having a high profile. Her signage is on the street where foot traffic is only increasing. She began attending more festivals that she enjoys, and is meeting great people, building her contacts and gathering momentum. Her millinery workshops began to fill, TV interviews came her way, and the rest they say, is history.

PS Her Social Media now has a larger, more committed and vibrant following, her events are fully booked and her sales are coming along quite nicely….just sayin’.

PPS You can contact Christine via Facebook

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