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Extremely professional, very easy to chat with and has a great head for business. Ruby Spur delivers results with great guidance and reassurance. Highly recommend.

If there were more than five stars to give, believe me I would have given them.

Keep up the brilliant work Ruby Spur.

Jody-Anne Howie  Jody-Anne Howie

I have seen this woman in action for 9 consecutive days in the middle of the Mongolian desert with no facilities, still doing her job! She is a force! If your business needs a media marketing revamp then Ruby Spur is your Agency!

Kendall Moore  Stannum Stock Horses

Debra is a pleasure to work with and has great energy. This allows for a wonderful creative environment in which to conceive of creative solutions. As a practicing artist I know that I have a valuable contact in Debra at Ruby Spur Digital Marketing Agency, for any creative projects and events to be planned in future.

Simon Briggs  Explonova

I was fortunate enough to attend a 2 day workshop around social media and branding facilitated by Debra Wylde. I found this workshop to be so much more than just learning about social media. It was a very thorough and in depth understanding into 'your brand'. Deb likes to challenge you at times and makes you step out of your comfort zone and this is truly where the magic starts to happen! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights Deb, was a great opportunity to learn!

Peita Davies  realestate.com.au

I'm unsure if her experience or a personal satisfaction in seeing other's succeed, but Ruby Spur has certainly given me a nudge in the direction of accomplishing our business goals.

Mark Alston  Design Heroes

Thank you Ruby Spur for all your advice and support. My millinery business has grown magnificently since our first meeting. Your advice is easy to follow and implement.

I have recently been involved in the stage production of Muriels’ Wedding with the Sydney Theatre Company and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with the Opera House Co. I also attended a recent festival and had record sales which was just fantastic!

Thanks again for everything.

Christine Thompson  Christine's Millinery

Glad to have found you. Am going great guns with my business @CulturedIceCreamCompany.

Am about to move premises to Cowan and am about to have a NSW wide distribution deal.

So thrilled - and you were part of that journey.

Many blessings to you Goddess, Janelle.

Janelle McInerney  Cultured Ice Cream Company

Ruby Spur Digital Marketing Agency arrived on the Chamber’s doorstep with a “SWISH”.

Engaged to deliver the ‘Marketing & Social Media' aspects of the Chambers Small Business MasterClass has left no participant disappointed with the content and skills they had accumulated during the series.

Not only was there the MasterClass rave reviews but Ruby Spur was instrumental in providing the Chamber with a strategic brand development exercise the previous year.  Highly committed, highly engaged and worth the wait!

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